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RULES written by brzezio, 2013-06-24 02:32 CEST (0 comments)

Server Settings:
-Meds: 1
-Grenades: 3
-Run Speed: 1.3
-Time Limit: 10
-Score Limit: 0
-Weapons Restrictions: Plasma(type7),Rocket Launcher (mod3),Mines(ATS),Remotes,Cannon(MP50),ASP
-Other Settings: Default

1.Hacking,cheating,leans,glitches,sound glitches(sidestep and jump/crouch glitch),lean walls glitches ARE NOT ALLOWED !
Tip:Only one wall glitch allowed- Docks-outside for taking armor and 2 grenades in small room with 4 windows.
Tip2: Typekills are legal !

2. 3 Warnings system (for leans,glitches etc) : Accumulative for each player. If player will get 3rd warning, match is automatically OVER and the player is out from the tournament. When player will get warning, this warning won't dissappear after one match, it will exist until cup ends(accumulative).

3.Every match must have a fair, neutral and objective referee.NO REFEREE - NO MATCH.Referee is responsible for supervision the matches and he is the one who will give warnings for players when they will break rules. Maximum 3 referees in one match !

4.Only official referees can spectate the matches. No one other. If there is no ref available for the match in right time, players can ask someone to be "unofficial ref" just this time, but that option can be used only in exceptional cases !! This person have to know all rules and must be NEUTRAL !

5.Winner of a match is determined based on the best of 3 maps. Before a match starts, both players will choose 1 map each. In case of draw(1-1),both players have to choose third map.

6.Both players can select one same map. That is not illegal.

7.Result of every match must be sent to admin(just for pasting a results on website)in form of screens. Referee don't have to do screens of the final result of maps if he don't want to,this is the duty of players.

8.If a player disagrees to have a certain Referee spectate his match, he has the right to chose another one

9.When match is played, no SPECTATORS allowed. Only players and Referee/s.

10.If a referee get a crash, players should continue playing (but KEEP IT CLEAN!)

11.If a player get a crash, the referee should pause the server and wait 2 minutes for the player to rejoin.
If the player does not return (e.g. ragequit) then the match will resume without that player.
If referee is not logged on SCMD ,in case of crash, he must do a screen of current time and results,wait for player
and then do restart of the map. Players must finish their map after restart.
(Example: 4 mins left>crash>screen>wait>restart>players have to play restarted map only for 4 mins)

12.Admin reserves the right to change the rules during the tournament, anytime he wants.


Admins of Cup:

Official referees:
Brz3zio(xf : pfgbrzezio)
Deadlaff(xf: dalphon)
Fred.cpp(xf: fredcpp)
R-g-style(xf: rgstyle1)
FoxHaunD (xf: foxhaundrats)
DonFutron (xf: michaldc0802)
Gigel (xf: filip1111)
Cro55 (xf: sujo123)

RESULTS OF ALL THE MATCHES MUST BE SEND TO ADMIN (dj_brzezio@wp.pl , xf: pfgbrzezio) !!

Different disscutions and news will be here in this topic : http://fear-community.org/forums/topic/1vs1-holidays-tournament/#post-4677 [fear-community.org]
or here http://brzcup.tourney.cc/pages/trash-forum/ [brzcup.tourney.cc]

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